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Allison Secrest started her career practicing criminal law as an assistant district attorney in Harris County, Texas, in 2008.  During her tenure at the Harris County District Attorney's Office, she handled thousands of felony, misdemeanor and juvenile cases.  She also prosecuted cases in the Family Criminal Law Division, a specialized division that handles domestic abuse cases.  She successfully tried numerous jury trials in both district and county court, including the first felony family assault strangulation case prosecuted in Harris County.

Allison is highly respected by judges, prosecutors and the defense bar.  Her reputation for honesty, integrity, hard work and advocacy has proven invaluable to her practice as a criminal defense attorney and has been instrumental in helping her clients achieve the best possible outcome for their case.  

To learn more about Allison's education, experience and activities, please review her comprehensive attorney profile through the link below.  

As a former prosecutor, Allison is a lawyer with a keen understanding of the "real world" of the criminal justice system and how it works.  She knows how the state will approach its case and what "value" it has to the state.  Unlike other defense attorneys who have never worked as a prosecutor, worked with the victims of crimes, and/or had to deal with law enforcement officers on a daily basis, Allison brings the invaluable experience of knowing the system from both sides.  As a result, she is better able to advocate for the rights and the fair disposition of her clients' cases.  She knows what the different police agencies do and how they operate, what their strengths and weaknesses are, and has been successful in gaining dismissal of charges in appropriate cases.

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